OKRs are just bullshit

To be honest, i do not like OKRs. To say it clear: I don’t like any kind of goals for People’s in a Team.

We have about 2020 and more and more companies starting to use “the spotify” model, tribes, squads and whatever. When scrum become known in about 2005 or so it was more or less the opposite to a long waterfall projektmanagement process. Waterfall is a system to delegate goals from the top to the bottom and not just manage projects and a problem of it is that everything takes much longer as it should.

In scrum, you are organized in small teams who… who what?

Even if scrum is better and more flexible (agile) it is still a problem to bring all people in line. But if you are working on products by growth hacking and lean.. how could it be, that you can define goals if you don’t know the way to go ?

This causes, that in many companies people do either do the same x times like at Amazon or the management try to manage the complexity be defining stupid (stretch) goals for a quarter.

But if you define goals, how can scrum be different to waterfall?

Do employee’s really need that to work on a goal or is it more needed to control the people ? Support them by their individual strengths instead of punishing them.

Google controlles the OKRs every week for every employee. Isn’t that crazy? What a waste of time and money.

Is that really what it should be, even if it’s currently hot ?

From my point of view I work now for more then 11 years without any personal goal.

I think that this is good bec normally you would here something like this: we don’t do it to pay to our over all /companies goal, we do it bec Mr XX has it as a goal. And this person gets light and rewards afterwards which means: OKRs are always connected with money. It may be indirect but it’s a fact.

Conclusion: OKRs and all the other goal shit is to control people, it is not to bring anything forward.

BTW: About Google and the others: Did you read that they try to prevent employees to start unions? Did you read that they forbid talking about privat things in the office ?

Many employees of Google or Spotify leave the company after one or two years? Guess why that is ?

Do you really want to become such a company ? Think what you do!

A good leader is always in front of his people, a bad leader is behind them and punish them if they are to slow.