Do not relaunch!

Isn’t it typical for companies with Webshops:

Create a Webshop, customers buying there by more or less coincidence, and if the customer commerce manager gets higher goals then it’s time to relaunch with a different software because the old shop can’t produce the high amount of sales who are needed.

This is what I can see the whole day since more then 20 years.

But why is that ?

For sure, a new Software brings new and modern features and new Design and so on. But imagine this in the real world:

If you own a store and you change the whole store in the inside: Why should more people who just walk by enter your new store ?

Most of the time you’ll see old customers who are disappointed that the products they buy every time are at the wrong place or they can’t even find them.

So what to do?

Start to change how you think about your online store: Think about him like an offline store. What would you do?

You would start thinking about:

  • How you can reach your existing customers and offer them more by what you remember what they have bought. Do you remember ?
  • Start testing different types of ads that you show them. Which are the most successful ones ?
  • Think that your store is limited by squaremeters. If so, every article that is there wastes some part of it if it’s not sold.
  • Think about why this articles are not sold: Don’t think about the price bec if a customer wants to have something or he needs it, he will buy. So? The question is: Did you sell the products they need? Did you help them to find these products as fast as possible?
  • What happens if the right customers in your store doesn’t find the article or if they need help. Did you offer Service?

If you now rethink the starting question you’ll understand what to do.

And don’t forget: There is one big difference between online and offline: In that offline world we are thinking about is a guy called Google in front of your store that directs customers directly to the shelf that fits best.

Your startpage is not from importance in that scenario. Your Landingpages or product page is.

Concentrate on offer the best fitting products and how the user could then surf to others.

Conclusion: You don’t need new shelves in different color, you need a better understanding what the customer what’s to find on your site